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Web API Improvements - Work Order Due Date and Attachments

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The current Web Service API has a handful of very useful capabilities, but is missing some important features.



My goal is to update my organizations custom applications with error handling routines that generate a Track-It incident ticket and post the exception data along with a private technician note containing the stack trace results. With the exception of the attachments suggestion, all the below recommendations are issues that I have to work around with the current API.


I recommend the following improvements are made to the existing API framework


  • Enable updating the 'ExpectedCompletionDate' field in a Create Work Order call
  • Enable setting an incident template in a Create Work Ord
  • Enable adding attachments to an existing Work Order with a POST containing the file as a stream
  • Enable updating the Description field as part of the initial Create Work Order call instead of requiring a follow-up Create Note to set the description
    • This could be as simple as adding an array of Work Order Notes inside the Create call
  • Enable creating a work order on behalf of another user
    • In many cases, the user with the issue cannot access the web page or email to initiate a ticket on their own
    • In the case of automatically generating a Work Order from the error trapped on a custom application, the end user loses visibility outside of getting emails as CC on the Work Order.


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