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Have an optional but automatic signature for all postings / comments

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Currently, there is no known option for a signature to be appended to postings automatically.  While responding via E-mail does enable one's E-mail tool to append a signature, E-mail itself has limitations around formatting of the message itself and is not a complete solution.


This idea is proposing an option to have a signature to be defined and appended to each posting.  This signature should be appended to all postings - discussions, ideas and comments.


The benefits of a signature enable the poster to better identify their role in the community.  BMC Employees can self-identify themselves as members of Support, Product Management, Professional Services or other roles within BMC.  Partners can identify themselves as such.  Community members who work as professional consultants or contractors can identify themselves to increase the visibility of their contributions.  Individual contributors will be more memorable with additional information as well.




David J. Easter
Product Line Manager, AR System

BSM & Atrium Solutions Mgmt
BMC Software, Inc.


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