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DWP Advanced: Possibility to add Custom-Fields for Entitlements/Market Places

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In DWP-Advanced (Service Broker) 3.5 there are several People-Attributes available which you can use in your Marketplaces:

In SRM/MyIT it was possible to use also Custom-Fields for Entitlements, and we would need this flexibility also in DWP Advanced;

E.g. one of my customers has 8 different types of users (VIPs, Teamleader, external users, Ressort Leader, ...), which has an impact on which Service Requests are available for a user. They have implemented this structure with a Custom-Field in CTM:People which is currently used in entitlements for SRM/MyIT. But this is just one example. There are other customers who have also implemented Custom-Fields.


So we would like to be able to add here Custom-Fields - and maybe also further ootb-fields - from CTM:People which we could then use for Entitlements/Market Places.


Regards, Tamara


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