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ServiceNow to BCO Integration

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  • How would this functionality be useful in your environment?

       - ServiceNow is an important source of data in our organization and integrating it with BCO would give ease of access and creation to all the analyses, reports and forecasts to uses.

  • How frequently do you anticipate this functionality will be used in your environment?

      - Once integrated, the functionality will be used 24x7 across our organization by multiple users.


  • If applicable, how many users in your environment would benefit from this functionality or are impacted by a lack of this functionality?

      - The count of BCO users currently is approximately 400 and adding this integration the number is likely to increase rapidly.


  • What is the business impact if this functionality is not implemented in the Perform product? In other words, does the lack of this functionality directly impact a specific business process or business function in your environment?

      - This does not impact the business but to promote capacity optimization and usage of BCO in our environment would benefit the users. This integration once in place would benefit the business as forecasts and analyses reports would be easier to generate with better forecast capabilities decision making would have positive impact.


  • Are you aware of any competing products that provide the requested or equivalent functionality?

      - We have some in house developed products which provide us with these functionalities but we are looking for a product which can be used on large scale and good performance.


  • What is the timeframe in which this enhancement request is needed? For example, does this request cover functionality related to an existing production environment, functionality related to an environment being testing in a lab environment for likely future deployment, or just a proposed environment that is being considered for future testing and possible future deployment?

     - We already have BCO deployed in our production environment and its Live.


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