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Currently within Self Service people can search for Knowledge, Request definition and templates. We cannot tell if the found what they are looking for, or how we can improve keywords, or even create new articles or request.




We need a way to identify what end users are searching on. If they have no match, we as service desk fail, or even when they find something we don't know what the search string was.



Having an options to report on search words is key in improving the search

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase self help

Increase total user experience on self service

Measure effectifness


Suggested solution:

Currently at the "onclick" event search results appear. I would suggest to in that same event a new record is created in a new object "Search words". In this object we see the search results per search, but also per self service visit. Last if they took an action like, create new incident, create SR, used Knowledge.


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