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TSCO View "Datacenter Overview" in new versions

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In TSCO versions up to 10.7, there is a very useful view called "Datacenter - Overview".

This view allows to group servers by technlogies, domains, logical groups, etc. These Groups have a Header with the desired name, as well, for each Group, the servers are automatically classified under big coloured boxes indicating the number of VMs and their status (red= Above Threshold, yellow= Above Guideline, Green= Within Range, Blue = Under Utilized) having clear and fast information about the general status of the Datacenter. Moreover, clicking on colored box, in the lower part of the same window you get the detailed information of each server, so it is easy and fast to drill down on those elements "at risk".


In the versions above 10.7 the view has changed. Now it shows each individual server with a "status color" ranging from 100% to 0% in ranges of +/- 10%.

The name of the Groups is overlayed on top of the elements, and if you want to see the detailes of the numbers you have to put the mose over the boxes. When you click it changes the window to provide teh drill down of those elements (previously they could be see in the lower part of the same window)


The issue is that when the Datacenter has many servers, the view becomes complicated to analyze. You have to start using filters, but you still get too many elements.


The proposed idea is to recover the formerly existing Datacenter Overview available in previous versions, which was really usefull and easy to understand.


Thanks for considering, and vote to support the idea.


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