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Disable Reassignment button on approval in self service

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The reassignment of approvals can be useful in Self service, but we face some issues, challenges related to this. When Reassigning it can be the case that the new approver DOESN'T have access/permissions to see and approve the record. That person get's a "Access denied"


On Reassign:



On Approve: (Here we have some solution based upon Apex Sharing)




I tried many items form triggers, validation rule etc, but all without any luck. None of this is possible as Salesforc restricts this.

Only way to get around this is to open the standard Salesforce page for incident, add the sharing button, and share the record manually. This is a lot of work and not efficient. Assuming that each staff knows what to do.


Suggested solution:

BMC Should add the option to set the "Reassign button" visible or not within their Visual force. That way we can decide on a case by case basis if it would be needed.


I most scenario's I would even disable the option as the default sharing is only set to Client, Queue and staff, so not any other person without giving that person full access. Giving full access will cause security issue.



A simple show or hide setting would be great and really needed.


Hope this makes sense.



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