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ITDA – Use Query results for Notification

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Currently ITDA doesn’t allow using the data of the report for notification


For example – the customer has notifies on a saved search that looks up "Error in module …" in a certain log. (e.g."Error in module ABC" where ABC changes and is dynamic)


Currently the customer CANNOT data from the events intercepted (e.g. the module name "ABC") as part of the event


In addition – Currently ITDA would send 1 consolidated event for all results returned by the search


This lack of feature is partly covered by the LOG_KM (as it allows using the data for producing events 1 or more and use data form the log results).


On the other hand Log KM is VERY limited and is not replacement to what we can do and actually do with ITDA (e.g. complex queries with regex and other ITDA commands)


  We wish to have this feature added to ITDA and know that this would be very useful for many other customers.


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