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BRPD - Deployment validation

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We had a situation recently in which one of the BRPD package references did not trigger a deployment process as it was expected to do. The same reference worked in 2 other environments but it did not work during a production deployment and then later, it worked again in the same environment.


The only reason we caught this issue was we noticed this by chance.


We have created a support ticket to look in to this issue but this issue triggered a conversation about deployment validation for us. We want to make sure there is a concrete way we can validate our deployment other than the deployment pass/fail status in RPD. We want to be able to confirm that what was supposed to be deployed, was deployed and if not, there is an alert or warning sent to us.


We wanted to ask if RPD could provide us with a solution for deployment validation, as it has all information related to the deployment already (like deployable artifacts name, channels where the artifacts are deployed etc)


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