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Introduce ARXOutput Step in Pentaho Spoon

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AR Export (.arx) is the default AR System data file type. It was very easy to export remedy data in arx files using User tool and migrate it to across the remedy systems.

After EoL of User tool, It is not easy to export data in arx file.

As Atrium Integrator spoon client is at the center of all the integrations and commonly used mechanism for Remedy Integrations,  It would be great to have OOTB solution withing spoon to export remedy data into arx files. We have dedicated step to IMPORT the data from arx files to Remedy forms: ARX File Input step - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 8.1 - BMC Documentation

Similarly, It would be great to have dedicated output step to EXPORT data in arx format  (lets call it as ARXOutput) in the upcoming versions of spoon.


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