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CRQ: Bulk modify of CRQ's is disabled in 9.1

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Issue: Bulk modify of CRQ's in 9.1 is disabled.


There was no issue in previous versions, where the users were able to bulk modify the CRQ records.


Steps to replicate:

1. Login to Remedy

2. Open 'Change Management'

3. Search for multiple records using advance search

4. Click on 'Select All' button and then click on 'Modify All'

5. Here, the user would not be able to select the 'Change Coordinator group' or 'Change Manager group' from the list

6. Also, user would not be able to select the 'Status' from the options available


Due to this issue, the support group members would manually modify the records which is tedious task and time consuming activity. So, this cannot be treated as the feasible functionality. This functionality was working fine in previous versions and this got deprecated in 9.1 version.


Requesting BMC to re-enable this functionality ASAP.


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