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Ability to re-arrange columns when editing a Custom View

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TSCO 10.7 Presentation Server

Editing Custom Views

Whilst editing a page within TSPS for a Summary Table, you are able to add and remove the required metrics easily.

However, if you wanted to add a metric and present it earlier on in the table and have only just added it, you can't move the metric to where you want it to be in the table.

E.g. If I had some metrics at the start and then wanted to rearrange them, to present them halfway through the table instead;

I would need to delete all the metrics and then re-add them in the right order, rather than just simply moving them to the right spot. This becomes increasingly annoying the more metrics you have. See below example:

The ideal situation here would be for me to move column 12 (Real Memory) to Column 4, moving everything along by 1 column, rather than having to delete columns 4-12 and re-add them again just to move a single metric.


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