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Enable Patrol Agent installer to use systemd

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All major Linux Distributions have adopted systemd and enable it by default the Patrol Agent installer should provide a method to install the Agent so that it leverages systemd.


it addition to adding support for this in the agent installer it would also be beneficial to have a Deployment package that can be imported into the repository that could be pushed out to the agent to modify the agent environment to leverage systemd for Administrative purposes.


This would allow for those clients that have already deployed a significant footprint of the Patrol Agent to also leverage this capability.


BMC has published a communities post that explains how to implement this but it is a very manual process that works fine for one-off situations.

Install PATROL Agent on Linux 7 systemd


If you are interested in this IDEA please vote it up and an additional benefit to Product Management would be if you give some indication in the comments why this is important to your business.




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