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Knowledge Article Title Display in Smart Recorder

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When typing keywords into the Smart Recorder, relevant Knowledge is displayed on the right hand pane. For companies where Knowledge Articles follow a set naming convention, the relevant part of a Knowledge Article title could be near the end of the title.


However, Smart Recorder only displays the first few words. This can force groups such as Service Desk to have to click on each article to find the relevant one, or already know the full article title in order to find the desired article.


I have attached an example, with fake Knowledge Article names to effectively illustrate the point. I realise these names are long before they "get to the point", but some companies have set naming conventions.


An idea I have is to expand this title on multiple lines (but possibly make this configurable with the view). I have confirmed with BMC Premier Support that this would be a customisation request, so they asked me to submit this idea for future implementation.


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