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Knowledge Article Creation Error Message Alteration

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User is attempting to submit a knowledge article by pressing: “Knowledge Management -> New Article”

Error presented to user says: “User must be a member of a support group”


The user DOES belong to a support group.

This happens with multiple users.


Through investigation I discovered the following:

Active links triggered:


- This active link does a check to see whether the user belongs to a support group



- Message[170087] : User must be a member of a support group


The underlying code does the following:

RKM:CNK:SettingSupportGroupValue -> performs a “Service” function against form: RKM:CreateNewKnowedgeArticle


The following filter is triggered on the form: RKM:CNK:SettingSupportGroupValue

The filter attempts to locate the user by doing a search against: CTM:Ppl Search-SupporgGrpAssoc




The search that is performed expects that the user MUST have assignment availability set to “Yes” AND default set to “Yes” on at least one support group.


There is no requirement specified in the Knowledge Management documentation that indicates that to be a knowledge submitter (for example) you must belong to a default support group with assignment availability set to yes.


Knowledge submitters do not actually have to work on articles as the assignee, they should be allowed to create draft articles, even if they do not have assignment availability set to yes.  The system is currently forcing a user to have assignment availability set to yes on their default support group in order to be able to create knowledge articles.


Remedy ARS Version: 9.1.03

ITSM Version: 9.1.03





I believe the error message should be updated so it was accurate.


“User must be a member of a support group” is the kind of misleading message that drives people crazy.


It should say “User must be a member of a support group with assignment availability”.


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