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Regarding Deep Link for Service Broker Service Requests

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Currently MyIT , we can create deep links towards SRD requests using GUID, Deep link looks as http://myit-host-name/ux/myitapp/profile?requestId=<GUID>


GUID for a specific request is taken from SRM:Request form.


When it comes to service broker, requests doesn't end up in SRM:Request, and there is no guidance from BMC on how to create deep links for Service Broker Service requests.



  1. Email notifications to end user : Currently we are sending email notification to the end user (requester) , on requesting a service broker request. In that we have included a link of MyIT request tab since we don't have the capability to provide a deep link specific to the request.
  2. Email notifications to Approvers : Out-of the-box, for line managers emails which been sent contains link as 'Approve' , 'Reject', 'Hold'. However , this links generate an email towards ITSM for approving the requests. In case approver want to approve the request in MyIT, not all approvers know about MyiT URL. Since we can't provide the deep link to the requests to be approved, we have included the MyIT URL towards approval tab.


Current Challenges :

  1. Email notifications to end user : If end user wish to see the details of orders , then they have to land up in MyIT using the common URL provided in emails. Then they have to search specific order. then need to copy the order number from email & search in request tab search, which is painful
  2. Email notifications to Approvers : Since we are providing common URL of Approval tab, approver , need to search specific order. Let's see if any approver receives 25-30 orders in a day for approval, then they have to spent 2-3 mins on searching / matching the order from email notification and order from approval tab.


Enhancement required :

Each service broker request should be uniquly identifiable with a deep link from end user perspective as well as approver perspective. Atleast Approver perspective is more important in our case.



Sanket Mhatre


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