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TrueSight CMA: Management of custom monitors through CMA policies

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Requesting a way to manage custom monitors using the CMA infrastructure policies.


At present is not posible to apply Filters and Server Thresholds to custom monitors (e.g. Scripting KMs custom monitors). This is a problem for TS platforms which are configured to exclude out everything and later filtering in just the necessary monitors.

Also, there is another problem with the way it's now. If that device has any thresholds configured manually through the TSIM console and the device is deleted by accident , when you add it again all those thresholds will be lost.


When adding filter, there is no "Monitoring Solution" for that Custom KM and the Scripting monitoring Solution just cover the original ones.

The exactly same problem happens with the Server Thresholds.


The solution would be adding those custom KMs/monitors so they can be accessible from the CMA policies.


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