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List monitor associations to service components

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When buidling a service model in BPPM 9.6, there's a good chance we need to manually associate monitors to service components.

This is happening often when agentless monitoring is in place and patrol agents are monitoring ojects and resources which are remotely located an not directly related to patrol agents themselves.

In these cases those monitors might not impact the computer system / device where the patrol agent resides but we might want them to impact different service components.

Suppose my service model is made up of Business Service "BS1"->Application "FrontEnd"->ComputerSystem "A", and on system "A" i've got monitoring studio KM checking a remote URL.

I don't want alarms from remote URL to impact system A (which would be the default behaviour), but i want them to impact "FrontEnd", so in BPPM admin console i'll right click on component "FrontEnd" and choose Associate Monitor. Then i'll go through a monitor instance selection screen and i'll choose the URL monitor i'm interested so that it will be associated to the "FrontEnd" component.

By the way: has anybody ever tried to associate a Windows Service monitor to a service component ?

In a large environment where windows service monitor instances are thousands, the selection menu will fail, as it will try to query and list them all at once to let the user make a selection but those instances are too many and the admin console will sit there "frozen" forever.

Anyway, suppose i've got hundreds of service components and hundreds of monitors manually associated the way i've just explained. What would happen if all those associations got, somehow, lost ? We'd have to manually associate all of them from scratch of course (if we remember them all or if somebody took care of documenting it).

This is an issue which has been affecting some of us, hotfix or not and BMC does not know exactly when this actually happens and how to make sure it won't happen again.

So, why don't BMC let us know how to list all the manual monitor associations in place so that we can at least save those information periodically and in case those associations are lost we can at least re-apply them without doing it by heart ?

Those information must be written somewhere, because in the admin console when i want to manually associate a monitor, it actually shows me which monitors have already been associated. Even when right clicking on the service component in the Operations Console in Service Model view i can see the associated monitors. So these information exist, is useful for us and let us work around a potentially unfixed issue, then can BMC provide a way for us to list these associations ?


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