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BSR - Impacted Incident should contain Impacted CI status

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Hello everyone,


in the BSR-based integration is missing a very important information that was available in the IBRSD-based integration: the Impacted CI status inside L3 incidents.

In other words inside the Impacted Incidents opened using BSR there is not the information about the service status. This information in the IBRSD-based integration was added as a work info and a new work info was opened for any Impacted CI status change.

Here's an example of what is no longer available since BSR has been introduced:


In my opinion an intelligent incident which doesn't say which is the status of the service it is opened for is quite poor of information and this can be perceived as a step back by any customer (expecially the ones that were using the ibrsd-based integration).

I truly hope this idea will get the votes needed for the implementation.





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