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Privileges for users part of a tenant in CLM

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CLM provides CLM Admin role even for users part of tenant. When i used it i got SOI failure notification emails even for a successful SOI. I have created a support ticket and i was asked to delete the user from the tenant  or change the role of the tenant user to either Cloud Organization Admin or Cloud End user. I was told by the support engineer that we should not provide Cloud Admin role to the users who is part of tenant. So if that is true then why is CLM Administration portal providing this option for users under Tenants? Can we remove that


BMC Support Case 00460824 SOI is successful but notification email says failed.


Errors found in CSM Logs:


Unexpected exception while updating AR Form entry\r\n\tat\r\n\tat\r\n\t... 18 more\r\nCaused by: ERROR (331): You do not have write access to this record.


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