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Enhance Service Policy creation page for BPPM / TSOM

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When integrating BPPM9.6 (or TS) with Remedy through BSR3.5 to create incident based on CI status, a nice Service Policy creation page is made available in the Administration options (finally we don't have to tamper with BPPM admin console anymore, at least for integrating Remedy!!)

However, when it comes to selecting those CIs whose status change should trigger incidents, the selection page always require the user to re-select every CI that was previously selected..


The page i'm referring can be found here:

Managing service policies - BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.5 - BMC Documentation


In a simple common scenario where i selected CIs A,B,C and then i come back to this CI selection page and need to add CI D, the page will not let me add CI D but it will require me to recreate the CI list from scratch, so i will have to add all CIs at once ( A,B,C,D )

In a real use case scenario where i have already selected dozens CIs, it would be reasonable being able to add CIs to the existing selection and not requiring to repeat all of them everytime !


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