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Truesight Operations user console auto refreshing is not dynamic.

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Hi Team,

As we observed that there is no auto refresh is happening dynamically, on the user console when userA acknowledge one event after some time(Fractions) it will get refresh otherwise we need to do refresh manually by pressing the filter button. even though the auto refresh option is selected in options window it has some delay to update/reflect on remaining user consoles.

We opened case with BMC support team regarding this and we got below response that need to tune the jserver properties otherwise need to do manual refresh by pressing filter button.


BMC Support Team Response:


************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************I discussed with CE , now confirmed that there is not specific parameter is controlling Auto-refresh interval for Event view , the event status read from the jserver cache . 

As per CE suggestion , if you ack a event from usera Console , after 3mins later , then  please check if the same event is also changed to ack status in userb console without click filter or refresh .
If it did not change as expected we need to check the Jserver and TSIM performance , then we need to tune the TSIM first . Of curse if you think this is your production ENV and it's not easy to restart to check further the issue , then as a workaround , before any user want to ack one event they just need to click the filter button to check if the same event is acknowledged or not .


if this Auto refresh is dynamic then every user who connected to console will get the instant dynamic update on the alerts.


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