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support Oracle 12cr2 (12.02.01) with TSCO 10.7

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The installation of TSCO v10.7 were not successful using Oracle v12.2.1 client. On the backed was AWS RDS Oracle v12.1. Finally got installed insisted use similar version on the client (i.e. v12.1).


Here are some thoughts and I hope you can provide your assistance:

  1. For the engineering to evaluate TSCO v10.7 using:
    1. a.       Oracle v12.2.1 server and client (bank’s preferred combination)
    2. b.      Oracle v12.1 server and v12.2.1 client
    3. c.       Oracle v12.2.1 server and v12.1 client


   2. To issue a formal documentation to our BMC support team to affirm that customer has an exception to use Oracle v12.2.1 with TSCO v10.7. To avoid a scenario where our BMC support will decline supporting customer because the Oracle v12.2.1 has never been publicly published to be supported with TSCO v10.7.


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