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TrueSight: PATROL Agent Debugging

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Current Situation

When a problem with a PATROL Agent must be analyzed and the PA is in a pure TrueSight environment, this is a chalenge. In our organization we donot have access to the servers themselfes. So we have to leverage either the PATROL Agent Query functionality on the "Managed Devices" view or we have to contact the system administrator. Leveraging the PATROL Agent Query requires PSL knowledge and is not very userfriendly. It is one thing to get a log, which can be done by executing something like:


print(system("TYPE \"%patrol_home%\\log\\PatrolAgent-%COMPUTERNAME%-3181.errs"));


But when it comes to something more complex like creating a PATROL Agent Diagnostic Report, it requires a lot more knowledge. And there is also a limitation of the size returned in the PATROL Agent Query Window. So if the logfile is quite large not the entire logfile content can be fetched.


Proposed Solution

Provide more functions in the "Managed Devices" view. There are already these options:



Extend the options with:

- Create PATROL Agent Diagnostic Report (and download)

- Download latest PATROL Agent Log

- Reinitialize PATROL Agent

... -> dear community, feel free to add other options


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