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More Request definition lookup filters

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Currently the lookup filters on Service Requests can be set to "like" or "not Like", "=" and "!=" .


Here we need some extra filter options.


Not equal to Null:

Let's say I ask client to select an application from the CMBD that needs to be installed for a new hire. What we need to achieve for the user experience is a new field when the previous is not equal to null. That way we can use the CMDB without the need to create an extra picklist field, but just use the cmdb. On top we present only fields when needed.


Creation date < or >

When I have a list of new users setup in Salesforce where a manager needs to define the CI's a new person needs, we want to reduce the list of options. In a service request the manager needs to select the new hire and after the needed CI's. We need to reduce the list and therefor need to see filter options like created date of user is older than 5 days from now() as example. This will make the list short and intuitive.


Enhanced lookup filter;

Let's say I have an application class and a permission class in the cmdb. In my service request I want people to select the application, and the next lookup I want to show a list of CI's that only have a RELATION with my applications.


Current logged in user


etc etc


This make all even more intuitive and especially useful when automation is used to directly generate and patch the requests,


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