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Add CC capability in all tickets and resources used by MyIT and Smart IT

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We'd like to request to add CC capability in all tickets and resources used by MyIT and Smart IT, including the following

    • The ability to CC additional customers and agents
    • The ability to CC an email alias
    • Notification emails should send to Customer, Contact, Agent and/or all CCs listed in a ticket/resource
    • When replying to a notification email for a ticket/resource with additional CCs, the system should add these additional CCs to the ticket/resource accordingly


Currently Remedy MyIT/Smart IT (our Smart IT version 1.5.01.) only allows one Customer and one Contact for a Service Request/Incident/Work Order. The fact that a MyIT customer cannot search or see other customers’ requests in MyIT makes this additional CC capability more necessary to support the customer side’s “team collaboration” work. For example, we are a software engineering company, all members (customers) of a team or multiple teams that are affected by a procurement/repair/downtime of a server need to be kept updated, provide various input to help the debugging process, or track the ticket progress with the same ticket that reports the server issue. Without the capability to directly CC other customers and agents in a ticket/resource, the necessary collaboration is very inefficient nor effective. Today we use the Share Email from the agent side to include other customers. The burden is on the agent side to include the right people “continuously and manually” for each Compose Email, which is prone to error and often produce unhappy customers. Additional necessary customers of a ticket continue to be blind-sided of the timely update of the ticket as they don’t get notification emails nor MyIT notifications. On the other hand, on the agents side, it is often that multiple agents need to be “on” a ticket to provide full and timely support. Today we use the @user to include other agents. This allows the non-Assignee agents to see the update from the Updates feed of their Smart IT Dashboard, but they don’t get any notification emails for the ticket as they are not the Assignee. All these workarounds (Share Email, @user) seem modern, but require more clicks/steps and only partially meet the requirement and is certainly not able to meet up the expectation of the old fashion CC capability. Our company completely uses out-of-the-box MyIT/Smart IT functionalities without custom code. We went live on 10/4/2017 with MyIT/Smart IT 1.5.01. Our legacy system had a CC function that was simple but worked very well and is making our users missing it very much.


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