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Shared Reports

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In today's ADDM, you can save a custom query report to be a saved report.  Unless you share the raw query with someone else that may want the same report, have them run it, and then have them save it, it is not easy to share reports in the toolset today.


My suggestion is a way, similar to saved reports, to flag or make a report "shared" so I dont have to ask C-level employees who want to see reports on the tool to perform multiple steps in ADDM.


I know this can be done by jumping through hoops that have been lit on fire to get a report added to the reports tab, but that is just not efficient.


I can see this working just like saved reports, but maybe with another sub-tabbed area called shared reports.


The value in this is not just at C-level reports.  When mapping applications/services, you want to be able to show those to business owners and they may want to access and run custom reports even though some/most of them are not technical in nature.


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