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In case of disaster/corruption, save some configuration data on a regular basis: keys, scheduled scans, etc

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Follow on to my previous idea:  tw_root_node_key_export should be scheduled regularly / weekly as a precaution?


To make a corrupted datastore easier to handle / easier to recover after tw_model_wipe, we should save some configuration information using the crontab scheduler.

(This would also help customer set up a new system, of course)


Customers sometimes do not perform backups, or even if they do have backups, their backup may have a corrupted datastore, so it is not always helpful.


If the datastore gets corrupted *and* we can not bring up the services so that we can't get to the GUI, we really need to be able to access some important data from the customer's environment.


There is a KA about what to save before a tw_model_wipe.  You can only do these things if your services start and you have GUI access.

KA is here:  Discovery: Best practices when running tw_model_wipe or tw_model_init


You could think of this list as the beginning of an online configuration backup: Saving the most critical configuration data.

We could have a command, such as tw_backup_configuration_data, which we could schedule by default on the crontab.


These are the things we should try to save on a regular basis:  Items in bold seem the most important.



1) Save the root node keys for CMDB Sync :  tw_root_node_key_export /usr/tideway/root_node_keys.xml

2) Details of CMDB Sync Connections

3) Export CMDB Sync filters

4) Export CMDB Sync blackout windows



5)  Export CAM mapping definitions

6)  Save the CAM-generated TPL  (this is included in item#12)

7)  Export SAAM model definitions

8)  StaticApp: models



9)  DDD Removal blackout windows:

10) Scanner/Consolidator setup information

11) Save the User Queries. See KA 000020090.

12) Save all custom (and generated) patterns



13) Save Windows Proxy information   

14) Save Exclude Ranges. See KA: 000090062

15) Save Scheduled Scan Ranges

              Run this generic search query:

                    search IPRange where not scan_type = 'Snapshot'

                    show label, range_string, scan_level, recurrenceDescription(repeat) as 'Date Rules', scheduling_user, created_time as 'Created', enabled

                     Select All

                     Actions->Export as CSV


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