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Oracle - Enterprise Manager extractor - Recovery Mode

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It would be great if the OEM Extractor can get a recovery mode where you can set a From - To Date and Time to recover data from the past.


Currently the ETL seems for have only the last counter and when it is requires to close a gap of data for a short period of time from a couple of weeks ago you have to set the last counter to this date for a single instance or for all instances, this is causing the ETL to run a long time because it processes all of the old data until the current date which is not required.


An example:

The OEM environment is large and contains 500 systems and instances, at the end of the month at the 26th someone notices that there is a gap of data for many instances from the begin of the month ( 02 - 04 ) and it was verified that the data is in OEM available.


To figure out all of the instances which are affected consumes time, so the approach most likely to process the gap of data for all systems to close the gap. This means that you set the last counter to the 2nd and the ETL has to process all of the data again from the 2nd to the current day.


It would be great to have some recovery mode, where you can set only the dates with a From - To  setting to have the ETL only process the data which is required.


In that example environment the ETL runs normally 10 minutes every night for a single day, but with the last counter set to the being of the month, the ETL run a couple of hours.


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