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Default criteria filtering for Link Controls

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We've been live on FootPrints for eight months now and have surpassed the 1000 ticket limit for the Link Control default results.  This is causing a lot of difficulty for our agents and engineers to link SRs to RFCs and vice versa.  Agents are able to go set criteria, but when you're linking dozens of tickets a day this is time consuming and a waste of time. Additionally the drop down for criteria is very busy due to the small width and significant data within the field.


This Idea is to increase usability of the product by adding some ability to include default search criteria on a Link Control for, at minimum, the "common" fields (Status, Assignee, Created On, Created By, etc.)  The bulk of the issue here is that Closed tickets appear in the search results by default, and we're almost never linking to a Closed ticket.  By having a default Criteria on the Link Control state that Common.Status != "Closed" or "Resolved" would eliminate 90%+ of the tickets in the result.  I would make use of more Criteria (such as Created On = Today), but I think most users would agree that being able to filter out Status at a minimum would be a huge complexity reduction.


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