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Allow different level of access to BMC web sites linked to Support ID

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With more functionality and resources moving to the BMC web site it would be helpful to allow additional people from an organization access to certain sections.


The main need I see right now is  This is a shift in how BMC documentation is delivered and managed.  Previously my team who is associated with our Support ID would download the PDFs and distribute as appropriate.  In the last week I have found myself exporting full documents or just a few relevant pages to send to a stakeholder, process owner, trainer, etc.  Ideally they would be able to look through the online documentation themself.  One of the major benefits of the wiki style documentation is that is it continually being updated.  The people I am sending PDFs to do not gain this benefit.  I am leery of adding them to our Support ID because then they could see and submit issues, download software and search the knowledge base.  Some might say this isn’t a big deal but when you factor in corporate politics sometimes too much information is not a good thing and can information sometimes can be misunderstood.


Some of the people who I would like to have access to could also benefit from the knowledge base as well.  Maybe we could allow a process owner to perform a support chat but not submit an issue?  If it is to the point where they think an issue needed to be submitted my team needs to review the issue before involving Support as a submitted Issue.


I notice the new Support ID Administration feature.  It would be great for a Support ID Admin to be able to configure access for different roles of people who need to use BMC’s online resources (just like in ITSM).


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