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Provide the ability to use wildcard in blacklist/whitelist in TSCO virtual center ETL

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There would be much value in having the ability to utilize wildcards in whitelists/blacklists in the virtual center ETLs.  In a very dynamic environment where many VMs are created and deleted within a very small timeframe, the requirement to perform capacity planning on them is diminished and importing them into TSCO via the virtual center ETL is unwanted however, there are also VMs residing within the same virtual center that are stable and do require management so the import of performance data for them is needed.  Currently, you either have to include all VMs or exclude all VMs in the ETL unless you utilize a whitelist or blacklist and then you have to manually specify each entity to include in the whitelist or blacklist.  We would like to have the ability to utilize wildcards in these lists so that it can easily exclude any entity that has the same naming convention and include all other entities.  We would also want to have the ability to exclude only the VM data utilizing these lists while continuing to import cluster and host level data for the entire environment.


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