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Task record types and flow around execution, approval etc

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My expectation here is that we should need 3 different task record types that we can select for templates, execution orders or stand alone tasks.


1. Risk and Impact --> With the related risk and impact form and fields...

2. Approval tasks as part of the workflow under Change or Service request... (So not on the parent)

3. Implementation task--> The task that describes the work that should be done.


This way we can create a workflow like:


Create the change; the following workfow is directly linked via templates or can be created manually;

1. Risk and Impact task; Investigate the impact of the requested change.

2. Cab approval task; Let' see if we can get approval to roll this out.

3. Implementation/execution task: Plan the change, assigned to change manager

4. Implementation/execution task 1; Do this in sandbox...

5. Implementation/execution task 2; Do this in sandbox...

5. Customer approval; please test and approve the functionality in Sandbox

6. Implementation/execution task; Plan production roll out and related effort

7. Implementation/execution task; Move to production...... (Possibly with impact on service as we might have down time)

8. Final approval task; All good in production


An important link here is that when a task is cancelled, the whole flow should stop and the change manager should be informed.

When the final task (8) is approved, close the change and the related incidents automatically to save time and effort.


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