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Date validation option on MyIT

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I'm posting this Idea as I don't understand why the previous one was dropped without any explanation... (Date validation option on MyIT )


Currently, we're using MyIT 3.3.02 and there's no way to set/configure a date validation in SRM (SRD date type question). I'm copying both dates validation stated on the previous (closed) Idea by Betuel Kaan-Kuyumcu:


1. Date field validation - like, you have "Start date" and "End date" fields on the request create dialog on MyIT, and you want to validate those dates, so "End date" can be only GREATER THAN "Start date". That should work immediately after entering dates, without clicking on Save.


2. Start Date shouldn't be entered smaller than current Timestamp option also after entering dates, without clicking on Save.


If this is not planned to be added to SRD configuration, is this something available in another product such as Service Broker?

If so, will Service Broker replace SRM in the future?


If any others are in the same situation as my customers are with this issue, can you share your work around(s)?

Thank you


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