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Better experience on offboarding Logical Data Center for AWS Resource

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In the current CLM 4.6.05 release, when you click on "Remove" button or Offboard AWS Logical Data Center in the Network Container Workspace, it will hard delete your VPC from your AWS Portal instead of just offboarding your AWS VPS from your CLM or Cloud DB Environment. To do an offboarding of your AWS VPC, you have to use Cloud API (csm/LogicalDataCenter/guid/offboard) manually.


This limitation is specified in the latest CLM documentation: Onboarding and offboarding Logical Data Centers for Amazon Web Services - BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6 , but this functionality is not consistent with other CLM Providers. A Cloud Administrator might not be aware of this limitation when he/she clicks on the "Remove" button that CLM will delete the target VPC from their AWS Portal especially there is no warning dialog windows or message that tells an administrator user.


We need to enhance this functionality to have a better UI experience such that "Remove" button will provide an option for a Cloud Administrator either he wants to delete the VPC from their AWS Portal or just offboarding this target VPC from CLM / Cloud DB Environment and keep the existing VPC in AWS Portal.


This new proposed functionality will be more consistent with other CLM Providers when an administrator tries to offboard their Logical Data Center and will avoid deleting VPC from AWS Portal mistakenly.


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