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Add Recently Created, Recently Modified, and Recently Viewed system views to the Remedyforce Console

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While still using the salesforce standard pages, the Incident, Problem, Change Request, and Task objects had system views to see the last 25 entries for ‘Recently Created, ‘Recently Modified’, and ‘Recently Viewed’:


Once we moved to Remedyforce Console, we lost these system views.  We looked to recreate them within ‘Create New Views’, but it does not look possible.  We have many users that used these views on a daily basis and have asked to have them back.


This idea is to add these system views into the Remedyforce Console so the logged in user can see the last 25 entries for their recently created, modified, and viewed records for the object they are looking at.  These could be added as the first views displayed for each user under the Views dropdown (first modified screen shot below) or in a different dropdown field next to the View dropdown (second modified screen shot below).  If a different dropdown, it could default to None and use the View dropdown selection to show results on the screen, but if a user changes it from None to one of the 3 views, that would be displayed on the screen instead of the View dropdown selection.  These should not be views that can be edited, so no pencil icon should appear by them.  They could also be a different color so they stand a little more (use the BMC Remedyforce orange used in other areas of the Remedyforce Console!)




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