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I would like to see short direct URLs to entries (incidents, KB articles, ...)

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For example, I want to write an KB entry or send an email to my manager about a ticket. I should be to to simply add the ticket number to the end of a simple URL in mid-tier.


Example: My:Tickets form, entry idT123456789


The link should be something like http://webserver/tickets/T123456789 or even http://webserver/T123456789


I could imagine that a setting on the form would allow defining the "tickets" shortcut or "T" prefix that would route to the My:Tickets form


It's much simpler than saying

1) go here http://webserver/arsys/forms/remedy-server/My:Tickets/

2) type ticket number

3) search


Further expanding this idea based on a proposal from Laurent Matheo (thanks for that!):

In addition to allowing access to specific objects (incidents, changes, KB articles, tasks, ...) via short URL, there should also be an option in the Remedy ITSM user interface to easily generate/lookup such short URL. E.g. a button in the navigation framework or next to the ID of the object.




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