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Request to have an audit log of user activity in TrueSight - TSPS/TSIM

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Other products have audit logs which can be reviewed to determine who or when a component was added. We would like the ability to review a log of activity in TSPS and TSIM.

For example, if someone adds an ISN, we want it to be logged as to when it was added and who added it. The same if a component is removed, who removed it and when.

This helps manage environments and keeps track of the coming and going of devices/components within TrueSight.


There are some audit logs but they are not user friendly.  For example, on TSPS in the logs directory there is the TSIMAuditLog which will record added components, but not in clear terms. There is also the TrueSightUserAccount.log which shows which users were logged in, but we would like a way to correlate the two quickly and easily, to review when components or devices are added, altered, removed, etc...


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