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Smart-IT - Define Documents as required based on Change Template

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on Service Management level it could be very important that the agreed change processes will be observed.

The new Change Management Wizard in Smart-IT help you to do this, but there are still some gaps.

Pretty cool when you create a new change from scratch you can add documents to the change which are part of the agreements.

Unfortunately you cannot make sure that the person who will create the change also marks the documents as required.

Therefore it would be very cool if you can configure which documents are required when you create a change from scratch.

This should be a configuration parameter on either company level or much better on Business Service CI level.

The second part of the idea is to configure in a change template

a) which documents are required and

b) provide an option to upload a template for each type of document (word/excel) document.



Please also vote for this idea to improve the concept of documents in the change management process:

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