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In-built Static Code Analysis in Dev Studio

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Currently we have available the rather excellent Perl script (BAO Workflow quality check and cross-reference tool ( which can perform static code analysis and identify workflow errors. This is particularly useful for identifying potential compensation-causing mistakes in little-used code paths, but since it requires ROAR exports of the modules it doesn't fit as smoothly into the development process as it might.


Many Eclipse-based language editors flag syntax errors, undefined variables, etc. and it would be really useful for AO to have something similar in Dev Studio. For example, when saving a workflow, all activities are checked for usage of undefined context items and all activity calls are checked to ensure that required context items are populated. If not, the workflow is saved but flagged with a warning. A panel should be available that lists all warnings and provides links to go straight to the erroneous items.


I believe this would remove some of the most common causes of runtime compensation and make our workflows more robust.


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