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Content Lifecycle Management

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When we perform ACL reassignment for content lifecycle management (promotion/demotion/reassignment) we need the capability to apply ACL policy / ACL template to an object and all of its dependent objects. That way the ACLs of the content are updated for all objects and the new structure is ready for usage by the new roles.


  1. e.g. Job -> NSH Script, when ACLs are updated on the job, we need option to propagate the ACLs to NSH script.
  2. e.g DeployJob -> BLPackage -> Property Dictionary Objects , Components. When ACL policy is applied to the DeployJob, need option to also apply the same ACL policy on all dependent objects for the Deployjob.



Currently users need to know or identify dependencies and apply ACL policies individually on all of those objects. Users may not know or may make errors in updating ACL policy on dependent objects. For content lifecycle management this capability is desired.


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