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Better branding capabilities on Self-Service 3.0

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We would like the ability to add pictures/banners to our self-service 3.0 page.  We have a banner that we use on our intranet sites that users are very familiar with.  we would like the ability to add this banner to our SS3.0 as it would make it look more professional and it would allow us to brand it to make it similar to our brand image.  Currently the SS3.0 looks like this:


We would like the ability to make it look something like this by adding a background image that goes with our corporate branding.



Also, going along with our branding, our corporate color is a dark royal blue.  When we brand the SS3.0 with our color, the tile text is hard to see.  we would like the ability to be able to change the color of this text and also the icons associated with them as well.  Here is how it looks with our color and with the default color:

We would also like to be able to customize the icons beside each, so for "Something is Broken?" (incidents) we would like to put an image like this, which is really more break fix, instead of a piece of paper.


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