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I would like to suggest that an improvement be made to the current system, in that when you set a User record to 'Disabled', that it actually invalidate the user, harvest the licenses, etc.  Right now, unless you build special workflow to do the above, the User is still able to log in to the system unless you change their password.  Also, all licenses allocated to this user remain associated to them.  So, if the goal is license harvesting, the current OOB functions do not handle it.


As I mentioned, this is easy enough to accomplish with a single filter (two actions: 1) Set Fields - License Type = Read, FTS License = None, Application Licenses = NULL, Password = {Random Value}; 2) Run Process: Application-Invalidate-User $Login ID$), but I would like to see it in the core AR System engine.  Honestly, and maybe it's just me folks, but this actually verges on a product defect for me... it's a security concern, to be sure.  If more people lean that way, then I will open it through support as a product defect.   


Thank you!


Matt R.


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