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Update out-of-the-box queries/rollouts

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I just installed a new BCM 12.6 and I see that there are very outdated out-of-the-box queries.


There are queries for devices with 64 MB RAM, with Windows 95, Windows NT, Pentium-III or Pentium-IV processors.

As a new BCM Administrator I would prefer to see queries for Windows 2016, Intel Core i3/5/7, 4/8/16 GB RAM instead of 64MB, Windows 98 or Pentium-IV processor.

Do they really make sense in 2017?


Besides, old Windows operating systems (< XP SP3) can't be managed by BCM, so why include queries for them?


These are some of the current out-of-the-box queries:







Moreover I would update the Windows Service name in the out-of-the-box rollouts. In those objects is set as "BCM Agent", but when using the Rollout wizard the proposed default Windows Service name is "BMC Client Management Agent".  It would be better to have a unique default name.


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