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Pin KA to incident and then set Status to Resolved does not trigger the increment of Linked Tickets

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We were told that increment of linked tickets is only triggered by button ‘Save & Resolve’. There’s another scenario that once dealing with tickets, if pin (save to ticket) an KA to Incident first, and then manually set Incident status to Resolved -> Closed, the count of linked tickets does not increment.


by going through the best practices which is from your help document , we did not see any emphasis on that only the button of ‘Save & Resolve’ triggers the increment of linked tickets.  On the other hand, the button is concealed.  The worst case is there’s an article is already pinned on incident, if we do care about the count increment, Smart IT user needs delete the article from incident (unpin) in the first, and then remember to re-click ‘Save & Resolve’ before manually change incident status to Resolved, or Closed.  It will make lots of troubles when people using it.


Why we care the count of linked tickets so much, because its value will do affect the KCS Article Reuse Report. increment of linked tickets is what the exact meaning of ‘Reuse’!


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