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'Company' should still be updateable after a Knowledge Article moved into the "Draft" status

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The 'Company' field in the Resources tab of a Knowledge Article (KA) becomes unchangeable, once the KA has moved into the "Draft" status. This makes it impossible to correct an incorrectly set Company value in an KA. This restriction, therefore, makes the KA unsearchable when searching KAs against the intended Company value.


Currently in Smart IT 1.5.01, we cannot preset values for most fields of a KA's metadata in its Resources tab, hence these fields require manual entries including the 'Company' filed. The system default is "All" (Primary) for the 'Company' field. The user is required to change it to "Synopsys, Inc.", our company, and make it Primary during the initial creation process or while the KA is still in the "In Process" status. Frequently, not knowing its significance, users forget to make the necessary change to the 'Company' field during these allowed states of the KA processing. Once the KA has moved into the "Draft" status, it is impossible to make the necessary change. Without setting the right Company value, the KA cannot be searched by the intended 'Company' value in the Knowledge Console, in our case "Synopsys, Inc.". See below screenshot of the Knowledge Console. That is, the search for all KAs against the filter 'Company' = "Synopsys, Inc." will not turn up any KAs still with the system default Company value (i.e. "All").

An extension of this request is to make all KA's metadata in its Resources tab updateable regardless of the KA's status including Keywords, Company, and Operational Category. Restructuring and changing IT organizations including its services can happen from time to time if not often, hence IT agents should have the ability to change or even mass change the Company and Operational Category of existing KAs so that search and reporting can maintain its consistency and integrity with the Knowledge Console and Smart Reporting. On the other hand, new Keywords can be required for search effectiveness as the KA allows continuous updates even after it is Published.


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