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'Exceeded license usage percentage threshold to send an alert' setting per product and by license number left

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Currently under Application Management > Software License Management > Configuration, there's only a single global setting named 'Exceeded license usage percentage threshold to send an alert' that applies to all alerts sent for all licensed software.


This idea is to have this setting available also per licensed software, since each product might have different threshold needs.


For example, you might want to purchase Client Management Agent licenses as soon as the licenses left count reaches 100 licenses left, so receiving an alert when that happens would be very helpful.


However, you also might want to get an alert when your Microsoft Office 2016 SA licenses reach 90% usage, so you can start the purchasing process on time.


Currently this scenario of two different products with different alert thresholds can't be achieved, since you can only define a single usage percentage threshold to send an alert for all your licensed products.


Also, as described in Client Management Agent licenses example, it would be nice to have this setting also available in license number left instead of just percentage, since depending on how many licenses you have available the percentage will change over time when purchasing more licenses, but you don't necessarily need your alert threshold to change as it currently happens when using percentage.





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