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TrueSight Presentation Server - Edit button

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Hello everyone,


in TrueSight Presentation server, I find quite frustrating that if I click on the name of an Authorization Profile (or a Role for example) I land on a page which doesn't contain any button to edit that Authorization Profile.

Everytime I need to go back to the previous page and select the 3 dots button and click Edit instead of selecting the Authorization Profile and then decide to edit it.


This is what happens most of the times:


1. I select the Authorization Profile

2. I see the Authorization Profile details

3. "Gosh! I need to edit it and I have no way to do it from here!" ...go back to the previous page..


And the same thing happens everytime I already know that I need to edit an Authorization Profile but I forget that I must not click on its name for editing it...and it's quite frustrating as well.

Hopefully a future version will contain an Edit button inside the page with Authorization Profile details...





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