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Setting VM's Server Properties before USP job runs

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Use Case:


XYZ is working in a multi tenant environment and their BSA console has server properties for TARGET.<PROPERTY NAME> So, for example, they set a property _CUSTOMER when they import a new server in BSA. They also have another property for data center called _DATACENTRE that is also set. So in this example they set _CUSTOMER = CUSTOMER1 and _DATACENTRE to DC1.


They uses socks proxies and repeaters for each customer datacentre. So if DC1 is used then they will use BSA proxy and repeater for that location. Customer wants to be able to set these 2 properties when deploying a VM in CLM from a VGP Template.


Observations/Expectation: Blueprint Parametarizations can be further be enhanced to pass and set the custom server properties way ahead of USP job.


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