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Datacenter-level reporting

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I have been asked to report utilization metrics to upper management at the data center level by platform. For example, they want to see % CPU and % memory utilization metrics for the VMware environment as a whole in each data center in each country. Today, if I try to run a report for CPU and memory for VMware clusters in a data center, each cluster is shown in a separate report, which is not ideal. Also, due to the large number of clusters in the environment, I get an error saying I've reach the maximum number of charts, and that x-number of charts have been removed, which leaves major gaps in my reporting.


It would be great if:

  • The max number of charts would be greatly increased so that reporting on all clusters, hosts, or servers in large data centers would be possible
  • There was an option to aggregate the results from the individual cluster reports into a high-level executive summary report showing utilization trends at a data center level





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